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Old November 11th, 2017, 08:43 AM
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Default Flying Leathernecks Decals 10 year anniversary special sale


Yesterday, 10 November 2017 marked the 10 year anniversary of Flying Leathernecks Decals. To thank all of you that have supported this endeavor, I am offering a 50% off sale on all in stock items from the Flying Leathernecks line. This sale will run from today, 11 November 2017 until 12:00 noon on Saturday, 18 November. The plan was to start this yesterday, but a long conversation with Jim Beam while celebrating the Marine Corps Birthday got in the way.

Here is how this is going to work. Going through the website and changing all of the prices is a task I simply don't want to do. So all orders placed during the sale will be direct via PayPal and/or email for the week. All in stock items will be listed, along with their respective prices. Prices listed will be the 50% off price.

Here is how to place your order.

1. Tally up the sub-total for the items you want.
2. Add $3.00 shipping if you are within the CONUS, $7.00 if you are OCONUS. Hawaii and Alaska will be $4.00
3. Send the total amount via PayPal to the following email address :
4. I cannot stress this enough, payment MUST be sent using the goods and services option. Do NOT send payment as a gift!
5. In the notes section of PayPal, provide the product number and quantity you have ordered.

If you have any questions prior to placing your order, please do not hesitate to email me at the address provided.

Here are the current in stock items and their prices at 50% off:


FL48002 USMC CH-53D/E Super Stallions and the Nekkid Lady - $10.00
FL48005 USMC/USN Ordnance Data sheet 500lb bombs - $7.50
FL48007 USMC EA-6B Prowlers Jammin' Jarheads - $10.00
FL48011 USMC KC-130J Hercules - $10.00
7D-48001 LAU-7 Missile Launcher stencil data - $2.50

FL32002 USMC CAS aircraft part I Chesty P's Iron Fists - $10.00
FL32003 USMC F/A-18A/C in Combat Part I - $10.00


FLV72002 F/A-18A/A+ Tail Stiffening Plate for Academy - $2.00
FLV48002 F/A-18A/A+ Tail Stiffening Plate for Hasegawa/Kinetic/HB/Revell - $2.50

FLV32002 F/A-18A/A+ Tail Stiffening Plate for Academy - $2.50
FLV48003 AV-8B Harrier Canopy Det Cord for Hasegawa/Monogram - $2.50
FLV32003 AV-8B Harrier Canopy Det Cord for Trumpeter - $3.00

FLJ48-F18 Laser cut bass wood Vertical Tail Assembly jig for Hasegawa Legacy Hornets F/A-18A/B/C/D - $6.00


FLCDCH-53E Profile CD with 334 high resolution photos - $7.50
FLCDCH-46E Profile CD with 275 high resolution photos - $7.50
FLCDUH-1N Profile CD with 195 high resolution photos - $7.50
FLCDAH-1W Profile CD with 387 high resolution photos - $7.50
FLCDAV-8B Profile CD with 450 high resolution photos - $7.50
FLCDEA-6B Profile CD with 500 high resolution photos - $7.50
FLCDMV-22 Profile CD with 165 high resolution photos - $7.50

For more information on the above items, please check out my web site at

Again, thank you all for your continued support

Semper Fidelis

Dave Roof
HMFIC, Flying Leathernecks Decals
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