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Old February 5th, 2012, 06:17 PM
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Default How 'Bout a Superbowl Sale?

Here's the deal: I don't really care who wins or looses. The NFL ain't my favorite football (Mississippi State, baby!), but it's fun to watch. BUUUUUT... Playing for the New York Giants is one Eli Manning, QB. Eli went to Ole Miss and still lives in that godforsaken town of Oxford, MS. He played while I was at State, so here's what we're gonna do...

If Eli gets hurried at least twice, I'm gonna take 5% off everything in the Vagabond store. A sack will get you 7% off. An interception gets 10%. A pick-6 gets an automatic 25% your entire order.

Coupon Code: SACKELI

Goes live at Midnight, CST.
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