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Old November 14th, 2015, 05:02 PM
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Default Need paint help

I am going to start a build of the Meng M2A3 Bradley. I need to know if Mr.Color made a paint for the interior of the BFV. Is states it a Sea Foam Green but I can find it in Mr. Color. The exterior I have FS33531, semi-gloss yellow. If anyone knows the right colors for the interior and exterior in Mr. Color, I would highly appreciate it.

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Old November 8th, 2016, 02:05 PM
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I can't help with Mr. Color, but I can tell you that Model Master Sand (FS33531) is a pretty good approximation for the exterior if you're going for the desert camouflage scheme. The vehicles are parked outside in a motorpool when not in the field and the CARC paint tends to fade. This is exacerbated by practice of steam cleaning/pressure washing by the crews when they get back from the field, plus the effects of mud, bleach scrubs from CBRN decon training, etc. The interior color is glossy, but I can't remember what paint I used to use for it. Also note that the inside surfaces of hatches and the rear ramp are going to be CARC painted as well, so should match the exterior color. That said, there are examples where a vehicle was originally painted in the three tone woodland pattern and subsequently painted over in desert sand or vice versa so the interior surfaces may have remained the original color (green for the woodland pattern), but if you're doing an A3, I'm pretty sure they were all delivered wearing desert sand CARC paint.

I spent six years as a Bradley crew member, having served in every crew position, to include a stint as a Bradley instructor, culminating as a Company Master Gunner. Most of my time was on the A2 or the ODS, but I did dabble in the A3 before becoming a STRYKER trainer. Feel free to ping me if you have any other questions.

EDIT: A quick look at the Mr. Color site yielded this for the interior (Mr. Color 26 Duck Egg Green Semi-gloss), which I think is pretty close:

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