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Old January 1st, 2018, 08:41 AM
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Default New Decals - 1/32 O-2A & O-2B Skymasters in Vietnam

After the earlier O-1 Bird Dog and OV-10 Bronco sheets, AOA decals completes the big three Vietnam USAF FACs in 1/32 decal form with this new release covering the O-2 Skymaster for Roden's new kit.

FAC & BS Bomber Oscar Deuces
USAF/VNAF O-2A/O-2B Skymasters in the Vietnam War

14 schemes:
O-2A - 7 grey USAF options, 3 black USAF options, and 1 VNAF option.
O-2B - 3 SEA camouflaged USAF options (In the hopes Roden will release an O-2B boxing or someone will produce a B conversion.....)

Enough data/stencils are provided for at least two aircraft (more if you go with the overall black option).

Also included is bonus "THE FAC" decals to replace the kit version (the three black schemes in this release don't use it.)

Now in stock
$19.50 (free shipping in US)
More info:


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