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Old November 8th, 2015, 04:41 AM
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Guys, the secret to spraying future is a hair dryer. Ibslrsy it straight out of the bottle, no thinner, no additives, and at 15-20psi. I use to read in all the forums that you couldn't spray future and when I first tried it was true. I was looking for that high gloss, wet look, which I assime most of us expect when we think "gloss coat". So instertee reading about brushing it on. The problem with that is that folks said you had to walk away for anything from 4 hours to overnight all the way up to a full day..... Per layer. Seriously. Who the hell has that kind of time to wait for a marginal gloss coat to dry?? These days I spray it on in very light layers , and then hit it with a hair dryer. After about the 4th light pass, I can easily see results that surpass my best efforts of the old method. Just make sure you don't try to go for the full wet look on the first pass or you will wind up with runs or pooling. I can have a full on wet look, ready for decals in less than 30 minutes using a hair dryer.
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