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Old November 30th, 2010, 04:02 PM
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Default J.Gursik

I see in his newest posting he says kits may be missing parts.In his first posting he said kits were complete.I contacted about his first posting and he sent me a list.I asked about several kits and he sent pictures taken from several feet away.We agreed on prices and again he said the kits were complete and I told him the kits were worth nothing if parts were missing.I got the kits and most all were missing parts.For example a Trumpeter 1/48 Condor with no wings.Sorry but the instructions had a sprue layout which showed all parts,how could that have been missed.I asked for a refund and he said nothing could be done because he sent pictures and I saw what I was getting and agreed to but it.I would not have purchased anything if I knew it was missing parts.
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