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Old March 16th, 2011, 11:53 AM
Stefan Buysse Stefan Buysse is offline
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Default 1/48 Peruvian Fitter.


Let's get rid of this "never" in the Matt roberts GB.

Here's something I've been wanting to build for a while and should fit in with a "let's build it even if it's not 100% accurate" philosophy.

Apparantly, the Peruvian Fitters are powered by the Tumansky engine. This means they have a fatter rear fuselage than the ones powered by a Lyulka engine.
The old OEZ kit has the slender fuselage of a Lyulka-powered Fitter.
The kit's moulds were later used by Kopro and KP models.
Last year, Eduard made a batch with all sorts of upgrades...decals, seat, PE, masks.
I never shelled out for that and neither for the KP Models box which had become quite scarce.
KP models seems to have made a new batch and I bought one from a East European dealer over the week-end.
I have the "Authentic Decals" sheet for it.

I'm just calling this one a "Fitter" because between the Su-17M3, Su-22M and Su-22M3 designations, I tend to get lost.

Pictures to follow.

There is a picture of the subject by Chris Lofting on
I gather that don't like link to their site for some reason, but I f you search with "Peru" and "Sukhoi-17/20/22" on their search function, you should find them. The declas are for the one with Peruvian serial 167 on the tail and the number 45004 on the MLG door.

Cheers, Stefan.

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