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Old August 8th, 2018, 07:11 PM
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Default 1/48 Hasegawa A-E/F Skyhawk Drop Tanks Help

Interrogative, warriors!

Asking about the A-4E. I know some units were short of drop tanks. Specifically as it relates to a larger center drop tank (usually the larger centerline for a non-finned that I've seen) for a non-employed buddy pod*Skyhawk. Was it dependent on stores weight vs. established maximum take off weight(s) for, say a relatively shourt CAS sortie?*I want*to build the most accurate USMC A-4E operating from Chu Lai 65-70'ish. Not sure on a specific squadron's markingse yet*during a certain timeframe, but it will be for a standard A-4E*or hump back A-4E (as far as I know from what my retired Marine Aviator (Pilot only not NFO) aging*dad,*the USMC were not issued NEW manufacture A-4F's, only USN & the Navy then passed a few down to us. I do not claim to be not expert on jetsintable drop tanks for the Skyhawk. 250, 300, 400lbs? Anyhoot, I know there are more than a few Skyhawk drivers & ground maintainers on*site from USN/USMC squdrons, civvy contractors*& also our allied friends*that opertated their own modified versions of the*Skyhawk. I humbly request that you share your insight. Is it me or are the available two drop tanks in*the Hasegawa Skyhawk kits*are too small/or out of proportion? I don't know which capacity in gallons or liters of the different tanks that come in this kit. They just dont look big enough for a centerline tank. If they are out of proportion, can anyone direct me to other 1/48 kits that have the correct size that I can steal for one "correct" centerline tank? I have Monogram/Kinetic/Hobbyboss A-6, Hasegawa A-7, Monogram/Hobbycraft A-4, Mongram or Hasegawa (presumbaly the same size?)---that's all can remember which birds carried the same type/similar tanks that perhaps I*can rob from these kits to get the correct proportion/size tanks. You guys always come through for me reference my questions, so I thank you in advance for the assist!*I am always grateful for your service!*(Sorry for rambling again*)...what I can I say? I like detailed explanations when my Google fu is weak or I can't find in books.*

Semper Fi,


Retired US Marine Corps Master Gunnery Sergeant (E-9) with 30 years of service.
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