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Old July 31st, 2016, 10:38 AM
vingtor vingtor is offline
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Default F-35 colors

I don't know if this question has been raised on Z5 before, but I am looking for the "right" model colors to paint my F-35A model. I prefer enamels, so Xtracolor or Humbrol references would be great.

I have a copy of the T.O. for RNoAF (that is Norwegian) F-35s. This specify FS 36170 for the general color and FS 36375 for markings (national insignia etc.) It also lists FS 36270, but does not say where this color should be used.

For the general color, Italeri says this should be FS 36118, but this cannot be true as photos of the F-35 in formation with F-16 show that the F-35 is more brownish. Hasegawa does not specify a FS color for their kit, but refers to Gunze / Mr. Hobby.

For the "secondary color" (the zigzag lines etc.), Hasegawa specifies FS 36270 and their decal sheet also has the stripes matched to this. It might be that this is the "mystery" color from the Norwegian T.O. However, FS 36270 appears too light, however, when compared to the base color. Any suggestions for a good reference color?

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Old August 2nd, 2016, 04:11 PM
B2Blain B2Blain is offline
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I used AKAN - FS36170. It is not enamel, unfortunately. But I used Mr. Leveler thinner and it sprayed more like an enamel.

I color of the RAM panels appears to be closer to FS36251. FS36270 appears to be too light.
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Old August 4th, 2016, 09:16 AM
vingtor vingtor is offline
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FS36251 is also rather light. Too light for the RAM, I think.

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Old August 8th, 2016, 07:31 AM
Zaggy Zaggy is offline
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I will preface this by saying I have not attempted a Have Glass finish yet (on the F-22, F-35 or F-16CJ in the stash), but did some test shots when I was researching the colour. Now while I am NOT 100% happy yet, I was using Gunze FS36081 mixed with about 10% silver - I think I went too much silver, as I felt things were too 'glittery' (next attempt will be 5% silver maybe 5% FS36270, as I felt starting with FS36118 was too light).

BUT last I talked to people in the know, this finish had no 'FS' type reference... It's just 'Have Glass'. If you need a reference point, have a look at any of the Have Glass Gen V F-16C/D's (same 'finish' as F-35 I'm told), parked next to Gen IV Have Glass (the ugly, dirty looking scheme that a lot of the Spang. jets ended up in a few years back), parked next to the old School FS36118/36320 scheme.

As an aside, there was a company doing the two Raptor colours, which looked pretty damn good to me, but I can't remember the name nor if they did the much darker F-35 colour too.

The RAM Panels are interesting as they appear to quickly fade from a colour that is very close to FS36118 (possibly darker), through FS36176 and possibly even as light as FS36251. Then the Radome and other Dielectric panels are another shade again, which I am confident is FS36270 or very close.

All Markings appear to be in either FS36320 or FS36375 (depends on who you talk to, but against such a dark base colour, either will work).

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Old August 11th, 2016, 02:35 AM
Viperfan Viperfan is offline
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I tried testing different colors on an F-16 HG5: 36118 would be too light, somewhere between 36081 and 36076 looks right (with some metallic sheen). 36081 has a little more brown tint.
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