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Old May 24th, 2010, 07:17 PM
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Default Werner's Wings UH-1 Fuel Bladders

The UH-1 Fuel Bladders are ready for release. I have some in stock, but am not fully stocked yet. There are three separate sets, Full, 3/4 Full, and 1/2 Full. Make sure you get the one that you want/need. These will work in either the UH-1N or the UH-1D/H.

Stock #35-04 ($10) Full- Left Side ONLY

Stock #35-05 ($10) 3/4 Full- Left Side ONLY

Stock #35-06 ($15) 1/2 Full- Left and Right Side

There have been some changes since the last photos were seen to ensure they were more accuate.

Thanks goes to Jurgen Dietz for the masters and Chris Miller (Cobra Company) for his help and casting. While you are ordering don't forget to pick up your Rotor Wash UH-1 Long Bodied Walk Around DVD. I hope to get the website updated shortly to reflect these changes. (

Remember: Modeling is fun!
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