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Old March 29th, 2015, 05:39 AM
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Default Goodness me!

Many many thanks to and to Dave Roof for making this little corner of the manufacturers room for us on our "home" forums.

How exciting this is to be able to bounce ideas off you all and to have some input into the future of the business.

We know that some may be thinking that the releases (to date) may be a little odd or left field, but there is actually method to this.

The kits have to appeal to a mass market if we are to sell well, make some profit to reinvest into other projects. That is IF we are to make "a go" of this venture.
Because of this the release schedule will be relatively slow at first whilst we build our market distribution and contacts. Once we can invest everything back into the process we will begin to move faster and bring more exciting projects for you.

We know we might have missed some of your wants this time around, however, we have some great ideas for the future and the hope is that we hit most of your wants list eventually.

I would be personally grateful if you would all consider making suggestions in this forum on a NEW thread each time.
That way we can evaluate the responses and consider a timeframe for you.

Whilst we can't promise to get it right every time. I can promise to try. That's probably the best we can do I think.

We can also promise you that we will listen and we will answer you.

Thanks for listening and I'm sorry to bore you

Martin Wilson
Freedom Model Kits EU
Model Warehouse Ltd (UK)
Warm regards,

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