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Old December 8th, 2013, 09:46 AM
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Default 1/24 Revell Camaro Pro Stock

I'll try to post some photos later- photobucket and ie aren't playing well together right now. This is the Reher-Morrison-Shepherd Camaro that was originally released back in "84. Here's a few things I found with this kit.
1 The body has a twist to it when looking at it from the front. I held it in front of a space heater and twisted it back until it looked straight, but the windshield sill doesn't fit right.
2 The hood needs quite a bit of trimming to fit the body.
3 The seats are too tall and interfere with the rollcage. Cut off about 2mm from the seat mounts and you should be ok.
4 The tires have smooth sidewalls (no raised lettering) and there are no decals for the tire sidewalls or the Goodyear logos above the rear fenders. I found some decals in the scrap box that worked ok.
5 This is the worst part. The rear slicks are too wide and when the wheels are snapped onto the axles the tires are pressed hard against the rear suspension and wheelie bars. I can't think of a way to fix this without replacing the rear tires.

I also picked up the Bob Glidden Thunderbird, we'll see if that one's any better.
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