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Old March 30th, 2017, 10:39 PM
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Default A joint announcement from Fights On Decals and Vagabond Decals

To all our valued customers, we have exciting news regarding the futures of Fights On Decals and Vagabond Decals!*

First off, Mike Pister has been given an incredible opportunity to expand the Fights On brand, so effective April 1, Fights On Decals will be spinning off from Vagabond Decals. When we first launched the Fights On brand, Mike and I always intended for him to spin it off into its own entity, and with this opportunity, he'll be able to do so much quicker than we'd thought. It's been a genuine pleasure working with Mike on the A-4 Adversary sheets, and we both intend to work together on both Fights On and Vagabond sheets in the future.

Secondly, as part of this spin off, there are changes to the way orders will be handled, for both companies, which we believe will improve the process for everyone. Also effective April 1st, Vagabond Decals and Fights On Decals will be available exclusively through our retail partners, Sprue Brothers Models and H. G. Hannant Co, Ltd. Both retailers exemplify the best customer service experience there is to offer, and improves shipping time, reliability and selection for everyone.

I'd like personally to wish Mike Pister and Fights On Decals the best of luck on his new releases. I'm thrilled as can be that he's been given this opportunity, and can't wait to see what he does.

Mike Hazlewood
Vagabond Decals


Q. Why are you splitting the 2 companies?
A. The intention all along was to spin off Fights On Decals into its own company. Mike Pister's opportunity has accelerated what was supposed to happen all along.

Q. What is going to happen to my customer account and information?
A. The Vagabond Decals web store will be going away, and replaced with information portals for Vagabond Decals and Fights On Decals, so customer accounts will be deleted. Before the site is completely removed, however, we will send out one last newsletter, asking if you wish to continue to receive Vagabond Decals and Fights On Decals updates.*

Q. Why are you going to a distributor-only model of sales?
A. Fights On Decals - Mike Pister has always intended to serve customers through a distributor and not process individual orders, so this would have happened regardless of changes to Vagabond Decals
A. Vagabond Decals - Mike Hazlewood's recent life events have given him a desire to spend more time with his family, and each evening, he was spending several hours processing, packing and shipping orders.
A. Additionally, with the extra time not spent doing shipping, we'll be able to research, draw and release more sheets more frequently.

Q. Do you still intend to support 1/72 scale, 1/32 scale modelers?
A. We both intend to release decals for all of the popular scales, depending on how sales go with each release

Q. Does Vagabond Decals still intend to release the Bicentennial T-38 Sheet? The VF-111 F-4B/N and the VF-92 F-4B/J/N/S sheets?*
A. Absolutely!

Q. What's next for Fights On Decals?
A. Just wait and see...

Q. What's next for Vagabond Decals?
A. Same answer - Just wait and see...

Q. What is the answer to life, the universe and everything?
A. 42
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Old March 31st, 2017, 01:06 PM
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Okie dokie. Now I want to see those last two agressor A-4 sheets in 1/32.
Good luck on the new venture.


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Old March 31st, 2017, 05:01 PM
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Good luck guys! Can't have too many decal choices!


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Old March 31st, 2017, 05:35 PM
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Awesome! More Decals!!!
Something to offend everyone.

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