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Unread July 4th, 2010, 07:55 AM
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Default Wrong scale decals in 72 scale F100C/D?

To all:

I think it would come as no surprise to anyone here to say something is wrong with a Trumpeter kit. Their omissions, oversights and miscues are legendary. So here's my addition to the Trumpeter story:

Bought the 72 scale F100C & F100D kits. The "C" has some especially nice FDW markings which IMO were the height of colorful markings for the USAF in the 50's. The first inkling I got that something was wrong were the overscale side console & instrument panel decals. Obviously 48 scale.
Admittedly, they included an insert with a corrected instrument panel, but no corrected side console decals. Huh? I guess I woulda thought they go together.

Then I began thinking that the a/c markings looked overscale; sure enough. Oddly, the national insignia & stencils are correct.

I'm kinda steamed because markings like this can't be replaced with aftermarket. Other than my old pile if Superscale and the new(awfully dark) Xtradecal sheet, there's nuthin'.

Now I'm thinkin' though, how is the "D" version? They couldn't get it wrong again....wrong. Although I have to give them credit; this time the instrument panel and side consoles and stencils/insignia are correct. "Only" the individual a/c markings are overscale.

In 30+ years of manufacturing engineering, product development and QC work, I've never seen such incompetence. I can't imagine how they did this, let alone on 2 separate issues. Incredible.

Let the buyer beware.....

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