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Old September 18th, 2017, 11:09 AM
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Default 48th scale Kitty Hawk UH-1D/H

Let's start by saying this is the BEST Huey Kit, by far than any other 48th scale Huey.
That said, there are several ooops to be noted.
#1. and easy to fix is the lower aft fuselage that has round hole just aft of rear x-tube. Kit provides detailed disc that fits in that hole with relief detail on one side. Real Huey that was called #2 Hell Hole and it normally is covered with plain Round panel secured with screws. Flip over kit part, cut off locator key and sand smooth, install in place with glue.
#2. and even easier to fix, the kit provides two PE Grills that, per instructions, are installed on upper aft Engine cowl. Don't do it!! Those indentions in plastic is more accurate w/o PE part. It's really and hand-hold to open cowl or to use to climb upon cabin roof from engine area location.

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