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Old July 3rd, 2018, 02:50 AM
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Default [HDL 48032 & 72062] T-33A Shooting Star - Burma, Iran and Cuba

Hello again,

During the last time, we have concentrated on few deeply updated reeditions
of our popular, long "sold out" sheets:

HD72053 / HD48023 RF-4C/E Phantom II ( ANG, Spain, Iran) and
HD72050 / HD48023 Su-27 S/SK/UB Flanker ( Angola, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Eritrea)

These are now available again, so now we can announce our next new sheet:

HD72062 / HD48032 T-33A Shooting Star

This sheets contain markings for 5 colorful T-Birds, never previously available in decal form, and based on the newest available data:

- T-33A "2-161", Imperial Iranian Air Force (IIAF), Training Detachment at TFB.1 Mehrabad, 1963 - target tug scheme wth orange uppersurfaces and NMF underside;
- T-33A "2-8002", Islamic Republic of Iran AF (IRIAF),85th AWTS, TFB.8 Baba'ie, 1987 - pale grey uppersurfaces and light grey underside;
- T-33A "2-8005", Islamic Republic of Iran AF (IRIAF),85th AWTS, TFB.8 Baba'ie, 1995 - light blue and dark blue uppersurfaces and light grey underside;
- T-33A "UB-531", Union of Burma Air Force (UBAF), N°502 Air Base HQ, Mingaladon AB/Yangon Int'l, 1971 - NMF with nose and entire rear fuselage in day-glo orange;
- T-33A "703", Cuban Fuerza Aérea Revolucionaria (FAR), BA San Antonio de los Baños, 1961 - camouflaged in dark green and grass green after the FAL bombing raids of April 15th., 703 was one of only tree operational Cuban T-33s during the Bay of Pigs invasion and was credited with the downing of two FAL B-26 Invaders on April 17th and the damaging of the transport ships Houston and Rio Escondido.

The decals are now being sent to the printer and are scheduled to be available during August.


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