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Old December 13th, 2017, 08:20 PM
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Default 1:72 Platz X-47B

This is a great little kit. It's well designed and goes together really well. Really, my only complaint are the decals, which are by Cartograf. They're incredibly glossy - so much so that it was just about impossible for me to get them to blend well with the overall dull finish. They also really, really didn't want to settle down around complex curves. I wound up having to create a mask for the NG logo on the wings, which looked better anyway. I'm also not a fan of how they've done a lot of the no steps attached to the walkway lines. In hindsight I should have cut them off and just done them separately.

I wound up doing a bit of customization - adding some bumps and antennae as well as brake wires, AOA indicator lights and some other small bits - but not too much. In looking at photos, these got pretty dirty at sea so I added a fair amount of foot traffic on top. Anyway - a fun build that I started about 3 weeks ago.


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Old December 13th, 2017, 09:01 PM
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That's cool
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Old December 15th, 2017, 03:09 AM
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Nice one!
I just wanna hand to hold when I go to hell.
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