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OK Fellas; I am Finally Done with this model. Never thought I would see the Light at the end of the tunnel. Any way I built this model, 1/48th scale Hasegawa kit to represent the late 80's version on the F-14A Tomcat Prototype#3 aircraft to the best of my ability. Paint scheme came out nice, but had some problems with the gloss coat for it. I used model masters gloss clear and was painting at a temp of about 70 or so. The clear coat is not as glossy as I would have hoped for but oh well I tried. The kit had some fit issues as well and I had to find out the hard way after most of the model was done a lot of fiddly little bit's to. Any how I am satisfied and hope I have done justice for the Tomcat and what I wanted to represent. Here she is.

Chris Causey

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