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Early missiles were white, then later missiles (D/G variants) came out in OD... camo issue mentioned above. As years go by, a lot of times you will see white seeker sections on OD rocket motor sections and the other way around as well, a lot of this was done to still shoot missiles for training by mixing parts (rockets and seekers). Some of the times you can take a new variant of seeker and put it on an old motor (AGM-65H CCD, or a G seeker on a D rocket motor comes to mind). USN/USMC missile variants are grey (F and E models). Heck, I've seen white seekers on grey rocket sections. Check out the photos in the link attached.

When it comes to the actualy seeker head section (meaning the glass up front): Clear means it is a EO (TV or CCD) or a laser variant, and the dirty tan/yellow color means it's an IR variant.

Launchers: Triple rail is for Mavericks with onlt the lightweight warhead (A through D), single rail for the heavyweight warhead (G/F/L).


Here is an interesting Z5 thread about Mav colors:
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