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Originally Posted by JamesKelley View Post
I was asking what I feel to be a reasonable question...I had no idea it would generate such defensiveness.

BTW, if I were "slinging shit" at you, you'd fucking well know.
You're right. It was an overreaction and unnecessary. I apologise.

My "issue" was over the automatic assumption that any such limitations on members control over what they post here was due to some "master plan" by the "evil moderators" when I think we have tried to make it as clear as possible that, that is exactly what we don't do (although the need for Skull to have to explain it yet again indicates that some people still don't seem to believe it).

Of the things that we do control behind the scenes (notice all the new smileys, new or rearranged forums when requested and lack of spam??), intentionally controlling or restricting what people can or can't do or post here is definitely not one of them.

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