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Can't be bothered???? Well, I bothered to read the memo ass hat and it's only one "L" in my name.........gawd, I can't work like this......

But yes, Skull brings up a valid point here. As mods, we're not the heavies that swoop in and tell everyone to play nice and delete threads without provocation. We're here to zap spammers and move threads when needed.

Everyone here is an adult (well, we're waiting on test results for a few people that shall remain nameless.......) and everyone here is responsible for the content on the site. As Skull mentioned, if you find something offensive, send a PM to the poster and discuss your views in an adult like fashion. I have done so on a couple of occasions.

Don't feel like you're being a prude with regards to this either. At the same time, if someone approaches you about something you posted that someone else finds offensive, don't blow a gasket and think everyone is coming down on you.

Again, we're all adults here.

Now, back to my poutine and The Red Green Show....and I guess invasion planning. Ah dammit, said that last part loud. Ok, ignore that part....ah crap, where is my red pill now.......

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