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Originally Posted by willieself View Post
I'm looking at your AH-1F sheet and trying to decide which ship to build...I'm stuck between "Vivacious Vonnie" and "Venom" I have the AH-1S monogram kit..what will I need to get from it to one of these birds...I gather debris deflectors..but what else?
I personally would build "Vivacious Vonnie" as it was my aircraft but I have other reasons that I will not build "Venom" until I have nothing left to build. It is a personal reason that I will not go into here.

But to build either one, you will need the IPS (48-01), AH-1F Upgrade set for the antennas, chaff dispenser and blanking plate (48-02). You'll also need TWO TOW sets (48-04), and 19 shot rocket pods (48-05). That will get you a Desert Storm 1st Cav aircraft.

PS Sorry I haven't been on board lately.
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