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Originally Posted by oyster463 View Post
Brandon - Thank you for your post. Your results with this kit are very encouraging. If I can just begin to match your work I will be ecstatic!! Looks like the decals went down pretty well. Very nice work!
My pleasure! Like I said the kit leaves a lot to be desired, but can be built up into a decent representation. For the surface pebbling I just sanded it down and the sprayed it down with a couple of thick coats of Mr Surfacer thinned down and sprayed as primer, and then sanded it down again. It did not get rid of the pebbling totally, aand the gloss coat really shows it off, but if you are going to do a subject with a flat coat, or not as glossy then it will look fine. As you stated the plastic is really soft. One other thing I wish I would have done is sanded the transparencies down with some 6000-12000 to polish them out better before the future dip. As you can see they are thick and not very clear. The speed brakes are a real pain, and a lot of the build up on them are done with provided PE in the Kit. The decals are not bad, but I messed the ones up that go around the stabs, so I just ended up painting them. Just get in the mindset that you are going to be using some putty, and it should turn out pretty good for you. Like the others have stated it would be nice to see the Cougar kitted up to modern standards. It such a beautiful aircraft.

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