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To be honest, if someone contacted me about another member's post, I don't think I'd do anything about it. The way this place works is that we are only here for administrative purposes and nothing else.

If you have "issues" with something someone has written on the forums, don't contact the "moderators" to sort it out for you. That's not what we're here for. Take it up with the individual concerned, either in the open on the forums or in private via PM.

The only time I see myself taking any action on a post or thread is if the originator needs me to do something that they can't do themselves or there is a group decision to alter or move something.

So, just to further clarify Dave's comments above, just as this place is unmoderated in that we don't go around deleting or modifying stuff that we don't agree with, we are also not here to sort out your personal beefs for you. That's up to you.

On the flip side if, as in this case, the "group" calls you out on your behavior, then you should be adult enough to accept that you've crossed the line and react appropriately.

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