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Originally Posted by JamesKelley View Post
Not trying to start any shit, but....

Shouldn't this be in the O-Club? It just doesn't seem to fit in with the "General Modeling Discussion" theme...

I think we're all used to having the O-Club/Crud at the top of the Forum that having another "General" category at the top leaves it open for a lot of posts that maybe would be better at home in the OC/Crd threads?
I disagree. The O-Club and Crud forums are for off topic related discussions that really have nothing to do with modeling.

The General Discussion forum covers topics that are central to the hobby or the forums as a whole.

If members feel, or are aware that something they're posting belongs in the O-Club/Crud forums, then they should have enough sense to post them there.

If members feel a post made in the GD forum should be in the OC/C forums, respectfully and tactfully ask that it be moved.

This post is not off topic as it addresses an issue that involves every member here at Zone-Five.

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