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Originally Posted by SuperCobra View Post
Off the top of my head, to add to those listed in the two posts above:
a correct port ammo bay, and ammo bay doors, and engine bay doors, and starboard engine, and swashplate/scissors/drivelink, and rear seat instrument cowl/panel, pilot side consoles, and bulkhead/avionics shelf behind pilot's seat.

Despite those, still a very good looking kit. Most of the areas KH got wrong are due to a severe lack of available non-proprietary references for those areas.

I may start a new tweaks thread if for no other reason than to link to Pappy's build. He caught and documented most of the problems.
Actually it was SuperCobra and others that caught the problems, I just had a crack at fixing them. I am sure the aftermarket guys will put my meagre efforts to shame!


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