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Default AH-1Z 1/48 Italeri

It was too cold to work in the barn tonight and I've gotten bored/AMS with tweaking the AH-1W so I thought I'd shift to a completely different subject for awhile, the AH-1Z. This project is really more of a scratch build than a tweak since this kit came out while the prototype AH-1Z was still being drastically refined but I'll try to document what needs to be done in case someone is considering buying the Italeri AH-1Z (kit number 858) hoping that they would get a production AH-1Z OOB.

Sorry to say, you won't get a production AH-1Z OOB. The Italeri AH-1Z is basically their AH-1W with an extra sprue added containing the new four bladed main rotor and tail rotor, larger stub wings, an APU fairing on top of the engine cowls, and some end caps for the horizontal stabilizers. So far it looks like I'll be able to use the rotors and stub wings with modifications and the rest of the AH-1Z unique parts will pretty much have to be created from scratch.

Aside from adding a lot of new bumps and lumps, that will mean building entirely new major pieces like the upper cowlings, turned exhausts, cockpits, stubwings and fairings, horizontal stabilizers, skids, nose and sight, and side fairings/sponsons behind the ammo bays.

Fortunately, I have already scratch-built new turned exhausts and that was the most daunting part for me so hopefully the rest will be less intimidating. I was planing to use the turned exhausts on an AH-1W kit (they are interchangeable) but like I said I needed a break from Ws.

I've got a lot of walkarounds, drawings, and other references I'll be using and sharing throughout the progress of this build and thread.

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