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Here's the latest from Trumpeter,

The molds are being cut right now for the 1/32nd scale A-6A and A-6E Intruder kits. This is the final step before a test shot will be available for inspection. Typically it takes 4-6 weeks minimum to cut all the metal molds (top and bottom). Then they have to organize the molds into sprues. Then the sprues are sent to the injector machines for the first test shots to be made. Trumpeter will make a test shot available to IPMS Philippines as soon as possible. Usually they mail it to my house in Angeles City and I go over it very closely. I'll then get together with 3 or 4 of our 1/32 scale jet builders in Manila and we'll critique it together. Then we'll send our comments and the test shot back to Trumpeter for them to consider. Sometimes I personally take it back to the factory and brief them on it face to face. They will take our comments into consideration and make any corrections they feel are necessary. I have already seen the line drawings and 3D renderings so the test shot should already be pretty good. We'll also review their choice of markings and weapons and comment on that. Usually IPMS Philippines is pretty fast with our review. They also send out test shots to other reviewers so once everyone gets their inputs back to HQ they will make a final decision on corrections and additions and then go into production. All this reviewing takes time so there's no official release date other than sometime in 2011. My guess is May or June for the A model and a month or two later for the E. There's a lot of interest in the Intruder series so they really want to take their time and get it right.

As soon as we get the test shot we'll post photos of it on our web site.

Have a Happy New Year!

Dave Mason
IPMS Philippines
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