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Originally Posted by John B View Post
Umm... "newby" question, so I apologize up-front if it sounds stupid - "Why is it desirable to get your pics accepted by and why is it so difficult to submit?"
Originally Posted by strikeeagle801 View Post
Good question John...One that I've not really figured out myself. It just seemed like a way to get my pics published where people can see them (I'm a long way away yet, but I'd like to get a website or something in the future) but they are so up-tight w/the standards (and so inconsistant) that it is getting to the point that it is not worth it for me. Dave Brown told me about, and I may start submitting my pics to them.

And here I thought you guys took pictures because you both seem to have such spectacular bad luck with finale clear coats....

(I kid, I kid)

(and yes...I'm probably going to modeling forum hell for that crack)

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