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Default F9F-8 Cougar by FM in 1/48

COUGAR FANS: I am looking at the Fonderie Miniature Cougar in 1/48 scale as my next build. My first look at it was not positive since the surface pebbling leaves much to be desired. But, I found the plastic to be not too hard and the pebbling seemed to be pretty easy to adequately smooth out. But then I had panel lines to think about. Such is modeling!

This kit is obviously, at least to me, based upon the Monogram F9F Panther kit, a fact that I find comforting given the outline of the Monogram Panther and the apparent accuracy of the panel lines albeit they are raised. Can work with that.

And it is obvious that the interior and other cavities, such as the nose gear well and dive brake stuff are based upon the Monogram Panther - all good. BTW, the Monogram canopy is a perfect fit to the FM kit.

OK - I've made some statements of my impression of the FM F9F-8 Cougar.



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