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Originally Posted by strikeeagle801 View Post
Looking great so far. I don't like the BB pit much, as it just seems to be a resin copy of the kit parts, but the seats are nice. Really looking forward to seeing the rest of this. Using AB decals on it?


ps. Have you seen my pinned thread? Might help you a little. And if you have any more questions, let me know. If I can't answer them, Chris certainly can.
Hey Aaron,
I have seen your thread. Very useful and I'll be asking you for some help on my next OEF Mudhen.
I'm planning to build this one as 90-0248 with the Xtra Decal sheet (that's the plan for now at least). Once the AB sheet arrives, all bets might be off!
To build 248 in 1992 (when I was there) it's pretty much straight OOB, just adding the -229 scoops to the CFTs.
As for the BB pit, you're right. Everything in the set is just copied kit parts, other than the tub details and the seats. The inst. panels even have the mold punch markings on the back. I have a couple copies of the tubs so I'll use them and the seats.

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