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Originally Posted by Fury View Post
To expand upon what Skull said, no matter how objectionable we as the admin/mod team will at all times, remain as objectionable as possible, ergo leaving it up to you, as the ADULT member to resolve any dispute amongst yourself and totally leave the thread unaltered.

If you are new to the site, you may not have seen the Z5 method of dispute resolution in action as of yet. Typically it goes like this; One Asshat will show their true moronic colors by posting some truly asinine banal diatribe that oozes with their on home-brewed flavor of stupidity, then the membership as a part or whole, without fear of the retribution from the almighty, diaper-changing mods, verbally jumps their asses in a way that will shame any gang initiation beat-downs. At this point, the original Asshat poster will either play cry-baby and stomp off Cartman style or they suck it up, pick their man card off the ground, dust it off and return to the sandbox to play.

I always see the posts you all report to me, but no matter my own personal feelings on the matter at hands, I will always leave it to you to resolve your own ruffled tealfeathers and I highly encourage you all to grow a pair and speak your mind on the matter publically in a post of your own. You will probably have to do this in the real world and daddy is not always around to look after you.

Well, while I don't write as elequently as Fury and are right. We're not moderators here, looking out for content.....we're admins who keep the site running as efficiently as possible. We don't buy into the philosophy that we need others to think for us....we're adults here and we should solve problems, well, like....adults. Skull, Fury, Motty and myself really have better things to do than babysit people and play mediator for disputes.

Plain and simple, if you find some content objectionable/offensive, let the origional poster know that...but don't be a douchebag about it either. If the OP decides that you're right, then hopefully that person will do what's needed and alter the post. If not, then that's all fine and good. We're not going to delete the post or lock threads....if you see something offensive and cannot resolve the problem, I guess that's one less thread you get to look at.

Some may wonder how this works, and really, there is no good explaination other than, it does. Treat adults like adults. GIVE them the expectation that they are responsible for their own experience on this site and that they can think for themselves and say what's on their mind without fear of being oppressed, banned, etc and things seem to work out fine. dudes get pissy with each other here from time to time....then you know what, they discuss adults....come to an agreement, shake hands and continue on as if nothing happened. No mods swooping in to tell anyone to play nice, no threats of locking threads for any reason.....and above one else thinks for you, but yourself.

Everyone is welcome one is "weeded out". If some ass hat decides to stir the pot, he's dealt with my the membership as a whole. No one is banned....if said ass hat wants to stay and continue stirring crap, we can dish it out too. Some have tried to stir things up to prove a point....and they were sent packing when they were told we aren't buying into it.

Final point, this is YOUR web site.......EVERYONE here is an "owner" per se. If you have a problem with someone or a post, you're the adult, you take the time to fix the issue, and in a respectable manner. If you're going to be a douche, there are other sites that are well suited to that.
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