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Originally Posted by Spike72 View Post
Let me start this by saying I've been using Fightertown from the beginning and the subjects they do are great. With that said, I have to admit I've been disappointed recently, especially with the last two sheets, 48075 and 48078.

On 075, I bought the sheet for the VF-1 lo vis bird, only to get it and have the wolf's head way too large to use (not just a little off). So to finish a build, I had to use another subject that I really didn't want to use and I'm unable to build the bird I actually bought the sheet for. I know Brian acknowledged the error in one post and said a correction would be done, but there's been no follow up and the error wasn't realized for almost a year.

On 078, because they decided to cram everything on one sheet instead of a large one and small one, you must choose if you want to do the VFA-2 or 22 bird because in order to do 2, you must cut off the last 2 on 22; so much for doing both. The instructions and the real VFA-2 bird have Langley stripes on the tank, yet they're not on the sheet even though the other subjects have tank markings.

Additionally, it appears there was no proofing of the instructions as the VFA-2 bird has dark NE on one side to match the rudder (no color call out for the rudder on the instructions) and medium gray on the other (what is on the decal sheet). While the real bird had both, they went to the boat with the dark gray NE. Also, the VFA-154 and 102 birds have hi vis national insignia on one side, lo vis on the other. It also shows 154 with hi vis intake warning on one side, lo vis on the other.

I know Brian is a busy guy but the sheets are going up in price and the quality should not be dropping. I know I'll take some face shots from the people that think we should just be happy to have the decals and this is a side business for the manufacturers. While I am happy, it still is a business and as a customer, we should get what we pay for IMO.

You must always know that Fightertown Decals already best job make with the new decals in the future. It is but not always easy for every the wish to fulfill. But also in the next year make Brian the boss from Fightertown a good job for the next Super Hornet decals.
It is certainly possible on the next Super Hornet sheet also a or two Bounty Hunters aircraft with the Langley stripes on the tank to create. You must but always knowledge that Brian many works has but always be best work make for the decals the always that money value are. You get from Fightertown always a really beautiful decal sheet whether 48078 or 48081 with many detail from original and it plug many work in the sheets.

The idea from VFA-22 to VFA-2 make and the other 2 cut is a better idea. So can the model friend the chance take and yourself decide to VFA-2 or VFA-22 build, and it give on the sheet more place for other important details, what the decal sheets from Fightertown Decals and boss Brian to best decals in the Navy model business make.

Brian takes certainly wishes and suggestions on, but please have your understanding that Brian many work has whether private or occupational and it always still be the two job is decals to make in the best quality and details.

Thank you.


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