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Default My CF-18 line up

Well, after much though, here are my CF-18 Hornet builds representing all of the squadrons who have operated the Hornet with the Canadian Forces.

409 "Nighthawk" Squdron-CF-18A Hornet 188761 (colour bird)
410 "Cougar" Squadron-CF-18B Hornet line jet
416 "Lynx" Squadron-CF-18A Hornet line jet from Op Friction during Desert Storm
421 "Red Indian" Squadron-CF-18A Hornet line jet
425 "Alouette" Squadron-CF-18A Hornet line jet
433 "Porcupine" Squadron-CF-18A Hornet Quill special
439 "Sabre-Tooth Tiger" Squadron-CF-18A Hornet 188769 Tiger bird
441 "Silver Fox" Squadron-CF-18A Hornet "Checker Bird"
Aerospace Engenering Test Establishment
AETE-CF-18B Hornet 188907 Special scheme
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