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  1. Hi, Guys! Let's begin acquaintance!
  2. The following pleasure!
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  4. Lagg 3 in 48 scale?
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  7. AD7224 E-2C ATLANTIC FLEET sheet; available in the US?
  8. Olimp Models on the IPMS Nationals Show, Phoenix, Arizona
  9. New season, new reason!
  10. Atlantic fleet E-2C Instructions
  11. La5 & La5F
  12. Sun Kings "Elvis"
  13. 1/48 Hinds
  14. "Black Ravens Last Rade" from Authentic Decals
  15. Authentic Decals Fw.189 Uhu, 48th
  16. Authentic Decals A-20 Bostons/Havocs In Russian sky, 1/72
  17. Decal for Su-25 Foreign Service from Authentic Decals
  18. New decal for NAVY Lynx in 72-nd, part I.
  19. Decals Arrived Today
  20. HSL-60 markings?
  21. Decal for B-25 Mitchell In the Russian Sky 1/72
  22. NEW!!! Conversion set MH-60R for SH-60B from HB, 1/72
  23. NEW!!! Conversion set Mirage 2000D for Heller, 1/72
  24. NEW!!! Conversion set AH-1W Super Cobra NTS "Iraqi Whisky" for Italeri kit, 1/72
  25. NEW!!! Conversion set MH-60R for SH-60B Italeri, 1/48
  26. 1:48 C-2A Greyhound VRC-40 Decals...
  27. New Year's gift number 1. "Black Ravens. New Life" from Authentic Decals
  28. New Year's gift number 2. Rafale B/C/M "Hasta la vista, Muammar!" update set
  29. B-25 in Russain markings
  30. Conversion set AH-1W Super Cobra NTS "Iraqi Whisky" for Italeri kit, 1/48
  31. SuperMega anons! MH-60S & UH-60 conversion sets comoig soon!!!
  32. SuperMega anons 2! Super Hornet exhaust nozzles aftermarket set!!!
  33. Display Base French Navy Aircraft Carrier "Charles de Gaulle"
  34. NEW! "Englishman over Tripoly" EF-2000 update set for Revel 72nd
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  38. pics of 48th Eurofighter intakes installed?
  39. 1/72 A-10 Update Set Instructions