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  1. New member introductions and names
  2. F-22's are here!
  3. Speed and Angels, F-14 Docu Free Steaming on the Net!!
  4. US Air 1549 A320 down in the Hudson!
  5. Got a message about NATS...
  6. Anybody deal with JBOT decals?
  7. Excessive Ebay fees
  8. Sci-fi/spacecraft Forum?
  9. Sent an email for a possible new manufacturer!
  10. Admin/Mods up
  11. Interesting historical question
  12. U.S.S. Green Bay commisioned!
  13. User profiles.....update 'em!!
  14. Two American helos down in Iraq. At least 4 KIA
  15. Ordering from Wolfpack
  16. Ashamed of IPMS UK
  17. New Youtube Model building show "ScaleModelAddict"
  18. Aussie government scared to showcase the F-22
  19. Ejecting from an aircraft
  20. Point Mugu to get S-3's !!!!!
  21. how many errors in a book do you accept?
  22. Carrier Ops questions
  23. Resin Versus Injected plastic kits
  24. USAF Fonts
  25. Need some aviation activities, spotting, etc in ~5-600miles of LA
  26. We need more Raptors dang-it!
  27. Hey Viper fans, must have! :-O
  28. Nuremberg toy fair
  29. The BEST kit you have ever made
  30. A request to the manufacturers on this forum.
  31. How do I...
  32. French Navy Grounded by Virus ??
  33. Airplane spotting around Hurlburt and Eglin
  34. F-16ís developer, Harry J. Hillaker, dies at 89
  35. Interesting article on modern fighters
  36. Ordering from Wolfpack
  37. promodeller.com
  38. Casting Resin parts
  39. F-35 News
  40. Interesting article on the Raptor
  41. Question about the Photography forums.
  42. The autopilot
  43. So you made a model, what next?
  44. One for the techies/pilots
  45. Tripple Nickel Winner
  46. So...when is the first Afterburner Decals Model Kit due out?
  47. since we have a lot of decal companies here
  48. Question for those in the know about aircraft....
  49. how the hell do you open a ".rar" image file?
  50. Is there room for a 72nd Scale Modeling forum?
  51. HeritageCon 3 Show pics From Hamilton Feb 22 09
  52. A word of thanks to our membership
  53. Ft. Wayne to replace Vipers with Hogs
  54. George Lucas' Tuskegee film....
  55. O/T Free File Backup Storage Hosting Sites
  56. Sufa verus Ra'am
  57. Verifying P&W powered F-16 "WHEEEEP" sound
  58. Spitfire, Spitfires.
  59. Photography forums rearranged.
  60. IPMS USA Nats....
  61. Buying Tamiya spray cans online
  62. 2009 Anniston Contest
  63. Old kits i just won and have some questions
  64. Missouri ANG F-15 Update, FYI
  65. 40% off @ Hobby Lobby
  66. Boeing F-15SE Unveiled.
  67. F-22 possibly canceled?
  68. Anyone Been Able to Get on Hyperscale Tonight?
  69. 14 Rafales to Libya
  70. F-15 Demo scrubbed?
  71. Web Site updates (Pitts Special and RSAF F-16D added).
  72. Three Rivers IPMS presents TRICon 2009 in six days...!!
  73. Raptor Crash
  74. Today I saw.......
  75. Anyone Going to Knoxville on Sat 3/28?
  76. Shuttle back home....
  77. "how many books does it take to build a model?"
  78. Well, Hyperscale appears to be down....
  79. P-40E down off Long Island
  80. Gates Recommends Halting F-22 Production
  81. Cessna 172 from Canada intercepted by WI ANG Vipers
  82. EA-18G downs an F-22?
  83. Need a good Hobby Shop!
  84. 2009 Knoxville Pictures
  85. 2009 Anniston Pictures
  86. Just broke a grand........
  87. Airbrush woes
  88. Well all my enamel paints...
  89. Whilst clearing the loft today..
  90. Do YouUse The IPMS/USA Discussion Forum?
  91. Spotting around Edwards AFB
  92. Does anybody really get tired of Sprue Brothers stories?
  93. Photos
  94. In cockpit footage of Viper start-up...
  95. hobby looby clearance f-16, mh-53
  96. Black Ponies of VAL-4....
  97. polyscale acrylic turned to sludge
  98. Hasegawa plastic....WTF?
  99. F-22 Gets a "kill" on a CF-18 in Florida........
  100. 34 sub-forums.......
  101. masking curves?
  102. Canadian Skyhawk A-4000...?
  103. F-16 slides off runway
  104. LM Pulling the Plug on the Raptor
  105. IPMS/USA Members...............
  106. Pic of new Preditor "C" prototype........
  107. Anybody going to the Seymour-Johnson airshow?
  108. Spring Cleaning
  109. How much do I charge for a commissioned Build?
  110. ? on Hase 48th Ground Crew set A w/ GSE equipment
  111. had a major result with the watch crystal cement last night
  112. Light vs Dark Ghost Gray...
  113. Acrylic Rods where to buy?
  114. Saw a black CAF CC-142 today
  115. Request for builders
  116. Big Avenger update on my web site.
  117. How the 'moderated' unmoderated forum works
  118. IMPS Alexander Lippish Chapter Model Show
  119. Thanks Jake and Scott
  120. LM refers to the F-16 in "blocks"......
  121. Happy Birthday Brian, Craig, & Jake!!
  122. My tolerance for stupidity is finally reaching critical mass.
  123. for those following the B-29 "Doc" project..
  124. I've finally seen the Eduard E-4 canopy... here's my reaction...
  125. Why it's best not to fuck with an A-10
  126. Wot a bargain!
  127. group builds?
  128. Anyone been to N. Virginia IPMS show?
  129. Group Build Poll
  130. Just got buzzed by 2 CH-53E's.......
  131. looking for real good Thud sites
  132. Simulated afterburner in R/C F-16???? Wow!
  133. Phoenix Nats...2010 right?
  134. Help Wanted
  135. PSA - MCAS EL Toro (water issues)
  136. Interesting Topic
  137. Google earth
  138. Decal Question
  139. Collect air?
  140. USMC Week in Chicago area (pics)
  141. Aires's contest
  142. Some stuff on sale at Greatmodels
  143. Half Price@Great models
  144. Marine Corp A/KC-130s!
  145. If you were waiting on a Banjo, this doesn't sound good
  146. Officially becoming a Texas Resident for the next year
  147. 9 months of modeling purchases
  148. Iwata Airbrush + Compressor
  149. So, the whole "accuracy" in modeling thing....
  150. I hope the ebayer read the winning directions.
  151. Scored big at Hobby Lobby
  152. Squadron ScaleFest 2009. Grapevine, TX.
  153. Anyone familiar with HaHen Aircrat Accesories out of Germany?
  154. Scott!!!
  155. Air power and urban warfare?
  156. Has anyone had problems
  158. All members please read (a reminder from your admins)
  159. RBF Flags
  160. Anybody know what happen to 72nd scale Mafia forum?
  161. For the World War II History Buffs
  162. So, lemme axe a question to the group.......
  163. Eduard issues "mea culpa" for screwed up 1/32 Bf 109E-4 canopy
  164. Ultracast.
  165. Red Flag Eagles
  166. N/A Distributor for Wolfpack Design resin
  167. Oh SNAP! Spruebros Hasegawa Sale!!!
  168. Revell/Monogram survey...
  169. Hobbycraft P-51A & A-36 missing decals
  170. Be watching Hobby Lobby
  171. Anyone familiar w/ Lifelike Decals?
  172. MicroScale v. Cartograf
  173. I'm back....finally....
  174. Help!!! Trouble with flat-coat
  175. Lucky Model
  176. Atlanta Regional 6/20!
  177. OKC Regional on Sept. 26th '09
  178. I'm in a good mood today....can somebody go to ARC....
  179. Stash check. . .
  180. Fathers Day gift
  181. Which to sacrifice?
  182. Modelling Rant/Diatribe/Manifesto
  183. Well, it's official I'm a first time home buyer
  184. Regarding the Tomcat Thread
  185. Oh dear...
  186. Paint color chart
  187. Prime Portal (or another host)?
  188. I'd love to 'Buy Local!', but...
  189. National Airfix Aeronautical Engineering Competition, Singapore 2009
  190. John Binford : Skyhawka4m You need to contact me
  191. 1/48 Junk for the ground
  192. Piston Provosts.
  193. Spray can paint.
  194. Riveter Tool
  195. Minor mishap with the P-40N
  196. My stash, a realization
  197. Model Shops in New York (Manhattan), any good ones......
  198. 1/35 M4 SOPMOD
  199. Hey Guys....please keep my friend Lyle (RCehF) in your thoughts.
  200. Paging Dave Roof - Any update?
  202. New Ads on Z-5?
  203. Anyone dealth with Karen Lee Hobbies????
  204. Nats Buzz...or...lack there of.....
  205. Best 1/32 Sidewinder?
  206. Hornets nest.....collecting and displaying.......and the queen hornet......
  207. Ethics Question regarding Decal Manufacturers
  208. I need some specific decals....
  209. Big day in the Clark household
  210. My stash has a new home...
  211. RAAF 4 Sqn questions and thoughts.
  212. Opinion of the Pros
  213. No threads yet so, HAPPY 4th of JULY!
  214. Steve McNair R.I.P.
  215. Online stores that take paypal?
  216. Ghostbusters Ecto 1 Model Kit
  217. Thinking about switching scales....
  218. Ok Fella's thinking about selling my Falcon,,,
  219. That argument Tamiya/Kinetic..
  220. Great Models having another 50% sale
  221. next group build ideas/suggestions
  222. Navy Tractors
  223. Eduard to produce resin aftermarket parts
  224. Committing a sin....
  225. Flight Schedule for the airline that does not exist.
  226. Z5 NATS partaaaaay......
  227. IPMS NJ 2009 Region 2 Convention...
  228. Hasegoogoo Goof?!?!
  229. Alps printers on a Mac??
  230. Classic Airframes
  231. Revell 1/144 kits......
  232. This has never happened to me before, but I'm pretty sure I'm in a mnodeling slump.
  233. Stupid Question for Decal Companies
  234. Fort Rucker area model builders
  235. IPMS Canada Ale & Tale Nats Gathering Info
  236. Anyone ever heard of these guys?
  237. Housekeeping!
  238. Cam Pro decals
  239. I Gotta Say....We Have Some VERY Talented Model Builders Here
  240. Well that was fun...
  241. Help- Need a set of instructions!
  242. Can someone help me out with a picture??
  243. Just thinkin'
  244. the modellers abbreviations list
  245. Modeling "Mocumentary"...
  246. USAF jet markings - ACC vs PACAF/USAFE
  247. Holly effin crap...Sale at SprueBrothers
  248. Replacement parts???
  249. 1/48 Scale... heads.
  250. Tony H is a published famous dude.