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  1. Leading Edge 48th scale Generic Hornet Decals-Updated Sheet Now Available!
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  3. Special Edition Kinetic 1/32nd F-86F-30-Now with Leading Edge Golden Hawk Decals!!
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  6. 439 Sabre-Tooth Tiger Sqn Tiger Hornet Reprint!
  7. Looks like a Starfighter Re Print is in the works for Feb.
  8. CF-101 Voodoo Reprint?
  9. F-18 USNTPS in 1/32
  10. We need 1/32 T-33 decals
  11. 2009 Hornet Demo Bird is coming soon.....
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  13. Any News
  14. 2009 CF-18 Demo Hornet Preview
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  16. AETE and Standard CF-18 Decal Re-release!
  17. 421 "Red Indian" CF-104 Special-Now Available
  18. CF-18 Standard markings re-released in 48th scale-NOW AVAILABLE
  19. AETE CF-18 Re-release now available.
  20. CF-18 Standard markings in 1/32
  21. 2010 and 2011 CF-18 Demo Schemes
  22. CAF Natural Metal/Overall Green CF-104 Starfighters re-release
  23. RCAF Golden Hawks Re-print
  24. RCAF P-51D Mustangs!!!!
  25. RCAF C-119 Boxcar decal re-print in 1/72 scale
  26. 1/72 H-21 & H-34 RCAF Rescue Decals
  27. NEW from Leading Edge-Buffalo Airways C-47
  28. Leading Edge Decals Wanted
  29. RCAF P-51 Mustangs......Part 1 & 2
  30. NOW AVAILABLE-401 & 438 Aux Sqn Sabres/T-Birds/Vampire F3s
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  32. Reprints coming soon!!!
  33. CC-130E Hercules RCAF Italeri 1-72nd
  34. I need CF-5A Decals for my new Kinetic Kits...
  35. CF-5A Freedom Fighter Wrap Around scheme-Coming Sept. 1, 2012
  36. NEW!! CF-18 Combat Hornet Decal Sheet
  37. Order your Combat Hornet sheet and get a discount!
  38. What's the likelihood of ever seeing the 1/48 USNTPS F-18B sheet?
  39. LE decals? Hasegawa is doing them...
  40. New from Leading Edge Models-1997 Demo Hornet
  41. CP-121 Decal Time?