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January 3rd, 2009 until December 30th, 2020
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Forum Guidelines

Forum Guidelines:

1. This is a community resource. There is no "owner". Your
intellectual property, i.e. your thoughts, contributions, opinions and
work that you choose to share with other modelers belongs exclusively
to you. You can add, remove, modify or clarify your content at will,
as you are as much an "owner" of this forum as anybody else.

2. This is an unmoderated forum. There are "admins" who perform
housekeeping chores associated with running a forum, but their duties
are limited to admin functions and are not tasked with policing the
forum for content. Having said that, it'd be great if the young folks
could participate without being exposed to outright profanity, blatant
sexual content and other stuff generally not found at your local model
club. Admins will come and go. This is set up much like your local
model club. The infrastructure stays the same, the "leadership" such
that it is, will change occasionally. If you'd like to admin at some
point, merely step up.

3. Spam of any sort from any person or company is totally non grata
on this board. If you witness spam of any sort, hit the "report post"
button and the admin team will be along shortly to remove it.

It's pretty simple beyond that. This is intended to be a place when
models are discussed, good, bad and indifferent. If you are looking
for answers, inspiration, solid reviews by knowledgeable people, and
discussion that provides you with information to use at your
discretion, you'll find it here.


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